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In honor of Hero Danylo Bohuslavskyi, JustAnswer.Ukraine starts scholarship for UCU students

In honor of Hero Danylo Bohuslavskyi, JustAnswer.Ukraine starts scholarship for UCU students

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

The company JustAnswer.Ukraine is starting a named scholarship in memory of Hero Danylo Bohuslavskyi. It will be awarded to students of the Applied Sciences Faculty of Ukrainian Catholic University. Danylo Bohuslavskyi perished on 16 October in the war with the Russian aggressor near the village of Novo Kamyanko, Kherson Region. From the first days of the full-scale invasion, he voluntarily joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and served in the 128th Mountain-assault Transcarpathian Brigade as a rifleman-assistant grenade launcher of a rifle platoon. Before Russia’s full-scale invasion, Danylo Bohuslavskyi served in the post of Operational Administrative Coordinator at the company JustAnswer.Ukraine.

Hero Danylo Bohuslavskyi

“We truly hope that the memory of Danylo lives on. We expect that students who will receive this scholarship will carry memories of Danylo, will find out more about his life, and will light a fire in people, as our Danylo was able to do,” said Nadiya Semen, Director of JustAnswer in Ukraine. We note that the company itself will finance the scholarship fund.

“My colleague perished, brave, decisive, fiery, smart, good. Dan was a person with whom we argued and found understanding, finished joint projects, and celebrated our victories.” So Nadiya Semen, Director of JustAnswer in Ukraine, wrote on her Facebook page. 

Yaroslav Prytula, Dean of the Applied Sciences Faculty, added: “I can only imagine the honor and responsibility of the students who will receive this scholarship. We will carry the memory of Danylo with honor and gratitude for his sacrifice.”

The community of Ukrainian Catholic University expresses its deepest condolences to the family of the slain soldier, his friends, and colleagues. We pray for the repose of his soul, that the all-merciful Lord will accept him in His Heavenly Kingdom.

Everlasting glory to the Heroes!

Addendum: The mission of the company JustAnswer, whose headquarters are located in San Francisco, is to help people. The company connects clients with experienced and trusted experts to provide reliable professional responses. Some 14 000 JustAnswer experts have helped more than 10 million people in 196 countries since 2003.

“JustAnswer is the best way to interact with doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, mechanics, etc., by the minute, around the clock. Our company has smart, hardworking people who know how to spend their time happily and achieve success,” explains JustAnswer. 

In Ukraine, the company has more than 300 workers, and the company continues to look for talent.

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