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UCU student projects

UCU student projects

UCU student projects

Name: Betha
Description: it is a register of volunteer projects all around Ukraine.
Here you can find an organization or team to solve your problem or support your initiative. Moreover, you can join a volunteer project.

Name: Frontier
Description: A new media that provides analytics materials, recent news, and a historical overview of the war in Ukraine.

Name: UCU Student Government
Description: A student government organized centralized fundraising for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

Name: Parkova UCU
Description: A student media that started a project of collecting war stories from Ukrainians and disseminating them both in Ukraine and abroad

Name: Politclub UCU
Description: Political media started the project of informing people all around the world about the current situation in Ukraine

Name: Ukrainians: Identity in Dignity
Description: “Ukrainians: Identity in Dignity”: Students from Ukraine launched an English-speaking podcast, so foreigners can delve into their national identity.
Link: welcome people from all over the world to subscribe and listen to the first episode on podcast platformsInstagram, and Facebook.

Name: Mediablock UCU
Description: A part of the student government that started a project of informing UCU students about volunteering and other actual activities

Name: Vilniy Prostir
Description: Social community that started a project of creating and updating a map of shelters in Lviv.


Student initiatives operating on campus

Name: UCU Humanitarian Center
Description: A group of students who organize the collection of humanitarian aid for the military forces

Name: Baking for the military forces
Description: A group of students that bake for the military forces of Ukraine

Name: Patrol
Description: A group of students who patrol streets for the protection of the citizens

Name: Help for the refugees
Description: A group of students who help refugees who come to Lviv. This includes providing a space to stay, all needed supplies, psychological assistance to parents and children, and much more.

Name: Weaving of military nets
Description: A group of students who weave and send military nets for our soldiers.

Name: Shelters support
Description: A group of students who try to provide bomb shelters with everything needed for a comfortable stay.

Name: letters for the military forces
Description:  A group of students who organize the process of writing and sending letters for our military forces.

Academic projects

Name: Theology and Philosophy faculty
Description: thematic groups every day for the community and beyond. These activities include:

  • Monday – Biblical Sciences
  • Tuesday – Department of Liturgical Sciences
  • Wednesday – Department of Theology
  • Thursday – Institute of Church History and Department of Philosophy.
  • Friday – Department of Pastoral Theology

Name: Humanitarian faculty
Description: Digest of reports and analytics about Ukraine in the world media. These activities include:

  • New Wikipedia: Updating and correcting outdated and fake Wikipedia articles
  • Creating a “testimony fund” (videos, podcasts, texts)
  • LL Sagimen (Latin Legion of Sagimen) – translations of Latin texts about war and peace
  • Writing an appeal to the faculties of Russian studies / Eastern European studies in the West

Name: Faculty of Health Sciences
Description: projects focused on psychological and medical care. These activities include:

  • Psychological support
  • Information materials on how to manage stress
  • Work with IDPs living in UCU
  • Work with children of IDPs
  • Courses of home care and first aid

Name: Faculty of social science
Description: projects focused on communication and informing foreign partners, institutions, universities, companies, etc. These activities include:

  • Informational support on foreign media and channels
  • Appeal to the legal academic community to suspend the membership of Russian universities
  • Appeal to partner universities to check the activities of the Centers of Russian Studies
  • Appeals to parties from different countries, especially those who have doubts about European integration in support of Ukraine.
  • Disqualification of Russian teams at international legal competitions
  • Guides for our refugees in neighboring countries 
  • Operational legal advice from the Legal Clinic

Name: Faculty of Applied Sciences
Description: projects focused on creating and developing technologies that are useful for Ukrainian citizens and military forces. These activities include:

  • Print details for drones and turnstiles for the wounded people on 3D printers
  • Creating and updating maps of Lviv’s and Chernivtsi’s shelters. Focus on creating the same maps for other cities.
  • Visualization of statistics to provide information on Russia’s losses in the war
  • Development of a code that automatically throws complaints on pro-Russian channels with fake info or channels that identify the location of Ukrainian military forces
  • Development and assembly of walkie-talkies

Name: Lviv Business School
Description: projects that focus on the business sphere. These activities include:

  • Support platform for small business in cooperation with foreign business
  • Appeal to business associations of the world to exclude and limit the Russian business

Name: Worldview Core
Description: Renewal conversations with famous Ukrainians about the present and the future

UCU Business School and Alumni projects

Name: Series of webinars “Reality without illusions”

Description: UCU Business School and Center of Leadership UCU provides a series of webinars about different topics relevant for our new reality: resilience, first aid, psychology of war, etc.

Name: #StandwithUkraine

Description: UCU Business School and Ukrainian Catholic University students initiated a project to draw the world’s attention to the war in Ukraine. In particular, they appeal to companies like The Procter & Gamble Company, Amazon, McDonald’s, KFC, Nestle, Auchan, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Turkish Airlines, Google, Apple, Coursera, and many others.

Name: Do Business with Ukrainians

Description: LvBS community and external experts from various fields have launched a platform to support small and medium-sized businesses. This is a kind of marketplace, where on the one hand – Ukrainian entrepreneurs who offer their services and products, and on the other – potential customers from abroad who can help the Ukrainian economy with their orders.


Name: UAAID Centers
Portal, which contains the most complete information on warehouses and aid points abroad.

Name: Medical Procurement of Ukraine
Companies may consider donating medicines or financial aid that will be used to purchase medicine for hospitals in all war-torn parts of our country.

Name: TacticMedAid
Description: Team provides medical chatbot Tactic-Aid.They are working on filling it and promoting it (together with doctors and the UCU team). In addition, they develop methods for providing first aid.

Name: Save Ukraine
Description: From the first days of the war, projects were initiated under the conditional names “Guests”. To date, the third shelter for displaced persons has been opened. More than 200 guests have already been accommodated and continue to do so.

In addition, they collect humanitarian aid, warehousing logistics and transportation. They collect cargo from Poland, Lviv, Volyn, and Zakarpattia in their warehouses. And then they deliver it to the hot spots of Ukraine. In particular, to Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro.

Name:  Save pets of Ukraine
Description:  They identify problems of pet owners, zoo volunteers and shelters, and help them meet their needs.

Name: Motorni Volontery
Description: This is a network of drivers, mostly cars, who perform important tasks in Lviv.

Name: Bot-check
Description: This is a fact-checking service of events in Ukraine and a network of public reporters. He can: report a fake, check the news.

Name: Tarilka
Description: They raise funds for the purchase and delivery of food kits for the most vulnerable city dwellers who have suffered the most from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Name: Gorgany and Turbat
Description: Gorgany and the Ukrainian tourist clothing brand Turbat have switched to sewing sleeping bags for the military. The brand produces thermal underwear, balaclavas, fleeces, so at the beginning of March we sewed 100 sets of thermal underwear for our defenders.

Name: #InVerita
Description: Fund is designed to provide the Ukrainian army throughout Ukraine with ammunition, clothing, provisions and medicines from abroad.